Web Video Management

Complete Life-cycle Management of All Your Videos

Our web video management offer provides complete hands-on service guaranteeing your video platforms are operating at peak performance.  No doubt, you realize the importance of video marketing. However, if the tech jargon and numerous fields required to upload video files intimidate you, you have found a helping hand.

Web Video Channel Configuration

  • Who you are: complete video platform profiles, establishing a video identity
  • Where you are: link to your website(s) and all social media accounts
  • What you do: add rich descriptions of what products and services you offer

Take Full Advantage of Publishing Tools

  • Schedule posts to best suit your audience, when they are online and stream video
  • Optimize video’s meta-data (title, keywords, thumbnails)
  • Maximize discovery, so your audience can find you with and without video search

Syndication and Post-Publication Marketing

  • Drive views on Social Media networks; increase likelihood viewers will share videos
  • Boost audience using targeted campaigns, organic and paid
  • Properly position video assets based on context, whether it is educational training videos, on-demand video for entertainment, or some other purpose

Web Video Analytics Management: Measure and Learn

We’ll work with you to establish measurable and attainable goals for your video content.  Once videos are published, built in tools will track web activity. The next step is to aggregate all that data, from each of the different platform and video sources into a report that you can understand.  Finally, our team will analyze those numbers to determine what’s working, what needs improvement, and what areas can maximize your spend.

  • Track video views across your pages, video host, and social
  • Determine sources that your audience uses to find you
  • Allocate resources to increase reach, engagement, and revenue


Are you ready to hand the keys to your web video content management system to a team of experts and free up time so you can run your core business? Contact us today and let’s get started.  We’ll handle the day to day, you sit back and stream on!