JPMorgan Research used credit card present sales information

JPMorgan Research: Follow the Money, Predict Hot spot

This week JPMorgan research published a recently completed report. Spending using their credit cards and determined in restaurant spending as a key indicator of spikes in COVID-19 cases. This confirmed an earlier study using of OpenTable data.  It should be no surprise, cooking #SafeAtHome keeps the case numbers down.

“high levels of supermarket spending are indicative of more careful social distancing in a state.” 

JPMorgan Analyst Jesse Edgerton

I’m still searching for the entire JPMorgan research report to learn more about it. For example, do they factor in take-out and delivery numbers?  In any case, public gathering must still be monitored. Care must increase as we move #NYForward to Phase 3, and 4 in suburban regions.  Especially as those phases relax capacity limits and more types of business start to open.

I continue to be pleased by intelligent use of data.  Evidence based decision making appears to be keeping the pandemic under control. That is, in places listening to the science experts.  Adding more signals to help flag potential hot spots can only improve our situation as we wait for a vaccine.

The video below, from back in May, interviews Edgerton, the report’s author. While he does not specifically discuss the report, he expressed caution about a COVID-19 resurgence.

Stay healthy and keep streaming!