Virtual Networking in a Social Distancing Environment

As we witness guidance for #stayAtHome, meaning reduced workplace density, working remote, and the possibility of our municipalities mandating curfews, the conversation around social gatherings has noticeably shifted to web-based conferencing, distance learning classrooms, and virtual event spaces.

Below are a few links to collections of recommendations in case you are new to hosting online events

After TP, I think the next concern on some minds will be internet access. In the past week, service providers have offered free 60 day access to wireless connectivity and mobile carriers lifted surcharges for unlimited data. More importantly, on the infrastructure side there is messaging assuring customers that, despite notable and expected increase in usage, service and customer support will be available, around the clock, regardless of your time zone.

The take away should be to put your customers, partners, and even neighbors at ease. If you or your business offers a service or access to a product that others are depending on, make sure they know you will be up and running for them. Whether it takes the form of delivery, call center, or supply chain find a way to keep those people you impact as worry free as possible.

Stay healthy and keep streaming!