Live Web Video Delivery

Go Live! Live web video delivery of your next performance, meeting… whatever you are in the mood to share. There are many great built-in live stream tools on the social platforms you are using today. We can help you take full advantage of those features. If you need technical help to get your video streamed to any audience, you’ve come to the right place!

Live Web Video Delivery using Facebook Live

Live Web Video Delivery using YouTube

If you have “out grown” what these popular platforms are offering, contact us for additional Webcast Packages and Live Web Video Delivery options, including:

  • Alternate destinations, including your own and operated web property
  • Archive files for on demand playback (VOD)
  • Advanced encoder options

Working with us will allow you to publish directly to your website and host events without sending viewers to another site. Depending on what you are streaming and where, you may want to use the off the shelf capabilities these sites offer or construct a more custom solution. Your choice.

Additionally, you’ll get a personal copy of the video to edit and do with as you please. Splice it up and re-purpose on your social accounts after the event. Edit out portions that viewers engaged with less. Or simply trim down for running time, increasing the chance your audience watches to the end.

Today’s phones have, or very close to, cinema quality video cameras. Improve your chances of delivering what you capture with those cameras to reach your audience with state-of-the-art streaming equipment that maintains that quality level through every stage of production. Check out our current gear list.

Get more information about Intro To Live Streaming on YouTube, in the video below. For Facebook Live read the overview on Meta for Media. Happy streaming!