Our Qualifications

Henry Villadiego’s qualifications include Bachelor and Master Degrees from The Cooper Union, over ten years in the PC industry, and more than five years in the online video space. He has lead software development teams and possesses subject matter expertise in online video players. After several years in the workforce, Mr. Villadiego became an independent contractor where he used his content creation skills to blog for several start-up corporations. He also handcrafted excerpts, social posts, and engineered all the digital aspects of that content guaranteeing it appeared as best as possible native to each platform.

Technical Qualifications

  • Software Development Life-cycle
  • Online Video Platforms
  • Web video editing, rendering, and trans-coding
  • Content creation and engineering
  • Web REST APIs (e.g. youtube video player api)
  • Social Media Management

What we provide

  • HTML5, CSS3, javascript: power your site using state of the art web standards
  • Search and Social Marketing for acquisition and retention of your core audience
  • Video on Demand and channel management consulting

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