Collaboration space in lower Manhattan open again

Manhattan Space Open for Collaboration

In their August newsletter, Lower Manhattan Headquarters (LMHQ) welcomes members back to their collaboration space. According to LMHQ’s website, they re-opened, by appointment only, in July. This is great news for the tech industry, as they appear to be leading the way. You can find a full description of the safety guidelines in a google drive document. Aside from the expected precautions, of note is:

  • Access is Tuesday through Thursdays only, 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Member must make reservations no later than 10 PM the night before
  • If no one signs up the night before, LMHQ will not open

Among the spaces that I usually scrape for event information, this is the first one that is physically open. Despite a limit of 11 people to the event space, LMHQ is still limiting itself to virtual events. This is inline with other event spaces such as Alley and Betaworks. However, even limited to 50% occupancy, LMHQ has a meeting room rated for eight people. And their open area, with a strict mask policy, is allowing groups of 3 people at a table. This reopening plan will be worth keeping tabs on.

If you are affiliated with a collaboration space, I am eager to hear from you and learn about their re-opening plans. Feel free to reply directly to me.

Stay healthy and keep streaming!

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