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The White House Guidelines for Opening Up America have been released. Also out of Washington, D.C. this week were several statements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, pertaining to small businesses.  Let’s dive into what was published.

Every business owner, and employees as well, should carefully read the gating and phased guidelines presented to state officials for Opening Again published on April 16th, 2020.   There are specific types of employers, such as bars, gyms, and restaurants, that have stricter criteria, but in general the phases unroll similar to how some states recommended increasing workplace density, albeit in reverse.  The reality for most reading this email, however, is that we are at least 14 days, if not more, away from entering Phase I here in the Northeast Corridor.  We need to prepare, but also manage until business reopens and begins to pick up.

This is where the U.S. Chamber of Commerce comes in.  Many of us applied for the Paycheck Protection Program only to see it run dry, leaving many on the sidelines with no chance to get into the game.  Immediately after that news broke, the CoC issued its third plea asking Congress to replenish CARES Act funds designated to small business, freelancers, and independent contractors.  Keep your application up to date or submit one if you have not already, anticipating new funds becoming available.  While we wait for Congress, CoC had already sought help from the private sector and secured contributions from a number of corporate entities.  From the “Save Small Business” Initiative press release:

Funded by contributions from corporate and philanthropic partners, the Foundation will provide $5,000 supplemental grants to small employers in economically vulnerable communities

U.S. Chamber website

Now, before you flood the Save Small Business website, applications can be submitted starting on April 20th,2020 at noon PT.  Requirements include:

  • employ more than 3 people
  • employ less than 20 people
  • operate in an economically vulnerable community

Best of luck with your application! In the meantime, here’s Mark Cuban’s take on opening up the economy and other topics. Stay healthy and keep streaming!

P.S. It may not be clear to all, but this post’s title is to be sung to Randy Newman’s “Short People”

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