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Nielsen Ropes Cord Cutters back into TV Ratings, adds YouTube TV, Hulu < Analytics|News Center

Television networks will have better insight into programming viewership with latest tweak to Nielsen Total Audience.

We are excited to announce that viewing from Hulu and Youtube TV will now be measured and reported through Digital in TV Ratings (DTVR), contributing to C3/C7 currency.

Source: Hulu and Youtube TV Viewing Are Now Included in TV Ratings – News Center | Nielsen

A key qualifier from Nielsen’s news center post is  “if a viewer watches a program on these services and sees the same commercials that ran when the program first aired on TV, we will be able to count their viewing into the program’s standard TV ratings.”  Want more information? View On:

Megan Clarken on the inclusion of Hulu + YouTube TV in DTVR

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